Monday, 8 September 2014

USA Force Restrictions

The United States of America

The USA has entered the war and Tunisia will be their first taste of combat.

From North Africa
US Forces - all forces can be used from North Africa.


  • No force can take Parachute Rifle Platoons in support. They appear to have been fairly self contained as a raiding force.
  • No force can use M4 Sherman (all variants – the brits got them!),
  • No force can use the M5 Stuart (the M3 is fine though)
  • No force can use the M10 Tank Destroyer (the other two types are fine through)
    • All of the above did not arrive until 1943 so are outside the scope of this tournament.
  • The OSS from Burning Empires can not be taken as it was not in service until Italy.

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