Monday, 8 September 2014


As our regulars will know, the Brighton Warlords have been experimenting with themed tournaments.  This started as a simple Axis vs Allies format which proved successful but we began to notice that the late war focus was leading to some stagnation in army choices.

In my absence from the organisational side, Soja stepped up to the plate and ran with an idea that came out of the 2013 Brighton Bash de-brief - limiting the tournament to one theatre (or compendium of books if you will).  This seemed to work, although we suffered some issues with scheduling that reduced the number of players (no bad thing, the experiment with 36 players in the King and Queen function room in 2013 wasn't entirely without its issues).

With interest in the book themed tournaments present, I would like to present the 2015 Brighton Bash: "DAK! DAK" GO!" (with apologies to Duck! Duck! Go!)
Most of your entry fees will go to the Madison Square consultancy that produced the logo...
The Desert theatre was what kicked off FoW In Brighton way back in V1 so it's nice to return to "the Blue" for the 2015 Bash.

Some of the desert terrain in use

We join the war as the Eighth Army chases Rommel back through Libya and Blade Force races from the Op Torch landings to capture Tunisia before 10th Panzer can arrive.  In the depths of the desert the desert raiders trade blows as the allies try to find gaps in the enemy defensive lines.

Lists will come from "North Africa" (and a select few other sources) but have a few further restrictions. Firstly no Italy lists (and certain Tunisia lists will also be absent).  North Africa Lists will also face some equipment absences (US get to bring out the Lee's and M3 tank destroyers for example).

The first draft (08/09/14) of the forces available can be found here:
British Empire (and Free French)

It will be noted that their are raiding lists available.  We are working on a mechanism by which a player with a raiding force can nominate at least one game (maybe two) to be a Raid.  This is to make a Raiding Force more viable in a tornie setting and should make for some interesting games

  • The tournament will take place on January 10/11th at the King and Queen pub.
  • The format will be 1500pts (plus Raid and Garrison forces to be explained later), Axis vs Allies.  
  • Games will be played using a swiss system.  
  • We are working on a new scoring system.  
  • There will be 24 players.  More details to follow.

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