Friday, 14 November 2014

2015 Cancelled. 2016?

I regret to inform you that the Brighton Bash "DAK! DAK! Go!" Tornie is going to have to be cancelled.
Whilst I was planning to have one last stab at tacking down Mark to book the room for later in January today, I have just been informed at work that my project has been green-lighted and I'm going to be struggling for free time to build terrain.

12 desert tables in a few months may have been over ambitious I guess.

Going forward, we will still have at least one Flames of War tournament next year and if someone (Adam Machnowicki, Jon Skipper) wants to schedule a different variant on the Bash to fill the January slot (providing they can get a date booked!) I will support them 24/25th is still the best slot in the national calendar and it'd be a shame to waste it.

We have a metric butt stack (equivalent of 1.76 Imperial Butt Stacks) of terrain for Eastern Front or Western Europe terrain. It's just Italy and the Desert that we struggle on.

I want to do DAK! DAK! GO! I think an all desert tornie with strict list limits has merit.

I'm going to set a goal of working on terrain on a slower timeline over 2015 to try again in 2016. Sadly the SNAFU with the room killed my enthusiasm and work has finished it off.

I'm also in early talks about running something at Conquest 2015.

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